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2018年11月 16日
DAC and Hakuhodo DY Media Partners to begin working with vertical media on a sector-specific marketing solution called “Category Works”
2018年11月 06日
DAC’s “AudienceOne” begins coordination with Credit Saison’s Big Data
2018年10月 03日
DAC’s “AudienceOne” and Toppan’s “Shufoo!DMP” begin collaboration
2018年09月 21日
Hakuhodo DY Media Partners joins “#SHAKER,” DAC’s and HAKUHODO i-studio’s content marketing support team
2018年09月 11日
DAC begins offering Data Exchange on AudienceOne’s management screen, enabling data sales between companies
2018年09月 10日
Pilot testing begins on an “information bank,” a new system for storing personal data
2018年09月 05日
DAC certified as “Key Agency” of Baidu Japan, Baidu, China’s number one search engine
2018年09月 03日
DAC to subsidiarize Datasection Inc. group company in Vietnam
2018年08月 24日
DAC certified as Diamond Sales Partner in the LINE Account Connect category of the LINE Biz-Solutions Partner Program for the third time straight
2018年08月 17日
TV-linked digital content delivery system patent acquired
2018年08月 08日
DAC reinforces corporate marketing support with LINE Points
2018年08月 08日
DAC enters capital partnership with real-world behavior data platform provider Tangerine Inc.
2018年07月 31日
DAC’s “AudienceOne” begins tie-up with Blogwatcher’s “Profile Passport DMP”
2018年07月 26日
DAC’s “DialogOne®” collaborates with BrainPad’s MA “Probance”
2018年07月 18日
DAC and LiveRamp collaborate to enhance ”AudienceOne” data infrastructure and promote ID integrated marketing
2018年07月 10日
Information Attracting: A New Behavior among Smartphone Natives Smartphone User Behavior Survey 2018 completed
2018年06月 27日
DAC’s DMP “AudienceOne” and marketing platform “b→dash” begin data collaboration
2018年06月 26日
DSP’s “MarketOne®” begins offering IAS brand safety and viewability functions
2018年06月 12日
DAC’s “DialogOne®” offers compatibility with LINE’s new API format “Flex Message”, allowing messages to be laid out however you like
2018年06月 08日
DAC’s “DialogOne®” syncs “LINE Business Connect” with “LINE Customer Connect”
2018年06月 06日
DAC forms capital partnership with video analytics service provider Eviry Inc.
2018年05月 31日
Agency Whitelist Launched:A Solution for Digital Ad Distribution that Ensures Brand Safety
2018年05月 28日
DAC and IREP establish a lab for next-generation creative technology
2018年05月 08日
Torchlight certified as the LINE Ads Platform’s first “Ad Tech Partner”
2018年04月 24日
DAC’s “AudienceOne” to be coordinated with “activecore marketing cloud” from activecore
2018年04月 18日
DAC formed the only “Preferential Partnership” in Japan with Tencent
2018年04月 05日
DSP “MarketOne®” and IAS team up to offer Japan’s first service to eliminate ad fraud from all advertising campaigns
2018年03月 29日
DAC forms capital, business partnership with Japan-Korea Internet ad business A1 Media Group
2018年03月 28日
DAC’s messaging service management solution “DialogOne®” links up with Marketo’s engagement marketing platform “Marketo®”
2018年03月 27日
DAC forms capital, business partnership with content delivery platform operator Revolver, Inc.


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