News Release

2022年05月 25日
DAC and Torchlight launch a Meta-certified Facebook・Instagram training program
2022年05月 17日
DAC begins a digital advertising targeting service using AudienceOne® ID, a post-cookie ID technology
2022年05月 11日
DAC forms a strategic alliance with a major Southeast Asian EC enabler to enhance EC marketing services
2022年05月 10日
DAC launches Cross Commerce Studio to support e-commerce marketing activities
2022年04月 12日
DAC to offer a digital data training program for managers of companies pursuing marketing DX
2022年03月 30日
DAC to enhance CDPs with zero-party data
2022年03月 29日
DAC and ALBERT launch an inquiry system utilizing AI for Yamaguchi Prefecture’s LINE official account
2022年03月 02日
DAC selected as a “Search Ads 360™” certified company under the Google Marketing Platform Partners program
2022年02月 18日
HAKUHODO DX_UNITED launches Data Privacy for Marketers, a one-stop data privacy service for business designed for the post-cookie era
2022年01月 25日
Hakuhodo DY Media Partners and DAC add Amazon to Audience Dive for Digital AaaS Planning
2022年01月 21日
Four Hakuhodo DY Group companies form specialist first-party data utilization team for the post-cookie age
2021年12月 07日
DAC introduces “LiftOne powered by AaaS,” an integrated monitoring solution that visualizes digital x TV ad effect
2021年11月 09日
Hakuhodo DY Media Partners and DAC become the exclusive Japan agent for Good-Loop
2021年11月 01日
DAC and Torchlight certified by JICDAQ as quality providers of digital advertising
2021年10月 07日
【Patent acquisition notification】Patent acquired for a web-page analytical tool system that recreates a paper media-like environment
2021年10月 05日
DAC integrates its development operations in Vietnam
2021年09月 28日
DAC’s DialogOne® now automatically linked with corporate CDPs
2021年09月 07日
Hakuhodo DY Holdings, Baidu and DAC co-develop a cross-border business solution using Baidu Big Data
2021年09月 01日
Three Hakuhodo Group companies invest in WiL Ventures III, L.P.
2021年08月 31日
DAC’s AudienceOne® to link with electricity consumption data from Grid Data Bank Lab
2021年08月 23日
DAC and IBM Japan collaborate to advance DX of the telecommunications and media sector
2021年08月 19日
Hakuhodo DY Media Partners and DAC add Yahoo! JAPAN and LINE to Audience Dive for Digital AaaS Planning
2021年07月 15日
DAC begins CMP consulting services
2021年06月 23日
DAC and the U.S. company MediaMath collaborate on the next generation of advertising solutions for Japan
2021年06月 17日
DAC partners with Treasure Data to support CDP implementation and the use of marketing solutions
2021年06月 03日
Washington Post’s Arc Publishing rebrands as Arc XP
2021年06月 02日
DAC develops an integrated solution that manages and analyzes corporate SNS official account followers
2021年05月 25日
DAC becomes a Google Tag Manager certified company under Google’s Marketing Platform Partners Program
2021年05月 19日
DAC’s AudienceOne® links with Teradata Vantage
2021年05月 18日
DAC and Acompany conduct a privacy-protected data analysis verification test using secure computing


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